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Passing values from the view to the form.

Passing values from the view to the form it is really popular. Ex: form should be different for different kind of the user. Unfortunately I have not seen a documentation how to do this with class based view.

This task is separated in the two parts:
1) Prepare values in the view

class Myview():
""" This is only example view """
# set form
form_class = myformwithadditionallogic
# our function which pass some values to the form
def get_initial(self):
""" Passing initial values to the form"""
# default initial should be saved
super(Myview, self).get_initial()
self.initial = {"ourvalue":1}
return self.initial

That all for view.
Second part is retreive this data in the form:

class myformwithadditionallogic():
""" the example form . has no field only constructor
def __init__(self, *args, **kwargs):
""" Constructor """
myvalues = kwargs.pop( 'initial', None)