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My new home server (fight with noise and temperature monitoring)

Hardware I've got another new PC for home purpose and decided to make a home server for my sysadmin and programming tasks.  Also, my old PC  is based on AMD 6-cores phenom and six cores is a good value for virtualization. Are you ready to have a cloud at home? Yes, I'm. I bought a special case  (2U size with six places for hard drives. ) This case also has 3 80mm coolers and I hope this a good way to make cold system. Standart PC power supply is placed at a front side and the power cable is going from the front side to the back side. 

My Chiftec power supply has a lot of cord and it is impossible to set up all 6 drives inside. It is no place for the power cord. At this moment I think that power supply with unattachable cord is a good choice.  I spend one drive case for my cables. Another one issue is a noise of low-cost chinese coolers.  They generate a good airstream but noise was unacceptable. I cut  red wire and added a resistor (22 Omh) and 33 Omh to another one cooler.