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Django PostGIS How to calculate length of linestring stored in Lon Lat format

I'm working on simple GTS system  and one of the task is calculate distance.  Usually  GPS tracker sends coordinates as Lon , Lat.  It is easy to understands by navigator,  but not a citizen. Brute force conversation requires knowledge of geography, mathematic etc.  Django   and PostGIS have simple and elegant solution:

 example model:

from django.contrib.gis.db import models as gismodels class Points(models.Model):     """ Simple class with one Point only """     Point    = gismodels.PointField()

pointlist is array of the points containing geo data:

 for point in pointlist:             plist.append(point.Point)         try:             linestring = LineString(plist)             linestring.srid=4326             linestring.transform(22186)             dis = linestring.length         except:             dis = 0         return  dis/1000        
Thats all!

Prepare array of point  as Lon, Lat.
Transform it  to meters changing SRID